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A Zillow video walkthrough is  an  opportunity to quickly, easily and economically ($15 with any image package purchase)  bring a listing to life.  It is a new way for buyers to envision themselves in a home.  

I use Zillow's App along with the high quality iPhone X,  wide angle Moment lens and  a handheld smartphone gimbal for stability.   The video is automatically uploaded to Zillow and Trulia.  

I can record and upload a video walkthrough to publish to any listing. It’s quick and easy    – and the impact is powerful. Listings with a video walkthrough get:
  *More than double the page views
  * Double the saves
  *More potential buyer contacts

All that from a two-minute silent video showing how rooms come together to make a home. Add a whole new dimension to your listings – and your business.

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Today's buyers want to be able to check out a listing quickly. Zillow has conducted research that shows video fills this need.


Handheld 3-axis gimbals are used in stabilization systems designed to give the camera operator the independence of handheld shooting without camera vibration or shake. This is essential in producing a smoother, more polished video.


Zillow Walkthrough videos can be uploaded and published quickly.


Zillow has introduced the ability to add Video Walkthroughs to a listing. It’s a short, two-minute featured video taking the buyer on a tour of the home. These videos are received very well by Realtors around the country and have become wildly popular with potential buyers. To keep this trajectory Zillow is investing in the Realtors who have these short videos created by showcasing their listings.

 Here are some of the specific benefits:
*Listings with Zillow Video Walkthroughs show up in organic zip code searches as top-ranked houses. This means listings with videos are displayed in the first and second position.

*Listings older than 60 or 90 days can be refreshed with a Video Walkthrough and instantly return to competitive rankings. Potential buyers are 300% more likely to view your listing on Zillow.

*Walkthrough videos can be moved from Zillow to be placed in unbranded MLS listings or on your website.


Potential buyers want to preview a listing before visiting it in person. A video walkthrough offers a high level of engagement helping to: Give the buyers a sense of space and layout of the home. Increase the value of other marketing materials — a video walkthrough adds accuracy to professional photography, allowing potential buyers to understand how rooms flow together and connect. Demonstrate competency and forward thinking in their selection of a Realtor. Capture buyer attention on other medias — social or Realtor’s website.


I will be offering Zillow Video Walkthroughs as a service  Product information: Each video showcases the home in 2 minutes or less, without sound. These are traits dictated by Zillow. Zillow Video Walkthroughs are recorded and uploaded to be published instantly. The latest technology - including a stabilizing gimbal are used to produce the highest quality possible.  

Zillow Video Walkthroughs can be ordered as an add-on service with any photo package.    

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