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High-End Real Estate Photography
I am an insured, experienced, professional  photographer providing high-quality photos to professional realtors, homeowners, commercial businesses, contractors, and designers in the Southern Ocean County New Jersey area.

I provide exceptional quality architectural and real estate photography services. Regardless of size or price, every home I shoot receives my best effort to produce authentic, high-quality, natural-looking interior, and exterior images.

All images are professionally edited and delivered with a satisfaction guarantee. Great agents invest in high-quality, professional photography because they know that it defines their brand and reputation as a dedicated agent who will do their very best for every client. 

I utilize the services of a professional drone pilot for any job requiring aerial / drone photography.  The images will be professionally edited by me to provide consistency.  Professional Aerial / Drone Photography.

I provide resources to help homeowners to prepare their home for a shoot.  The expectation is not that they will completely renovate their home, but to generate the most interest and highest price, it is in the best interest of the owner and realtor to do their  follow the preparation guidelines to the best of their ability.  When I arrive to photograph a home, I do expect the home to be photo-ready.  I am not there to clean or redecorate.  

Although Photoshop is an awesome tool, editing out objects takes time.  An additional editing fee may be charged for time-consuming editing tasks such as object removal that are requested.   Accurate representation of the property is the listing agent’s legal responsibility.   All requests must be documented in writing by the listing agent.  

Here is a general outline of some guidelines:

Listing agents  have a legal responsibility to not “materially misrepresent” a property.  Modifying or removing temporary objects like garbage cans, cars, overcast skies (no charge for sky replacement)  is customary and generally not considered materially misrepresenting the property. 

Removing permanent objects like power lines, telephone poles, and neighboring homes are customarily considered materially misrepresenting the property because they hide undesirable permanent property features.

Landscaping seems to be an area where not everyone agrees. Landscaping seems to be in between permanent and temporary. Many people believe that fixing defects in the grass or landscaping is OK whereas others believe it is not OK.  I do not charge for grass greening but requested grass replacement would require a request in writing (email or text) and an extra charge. 

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