Additional Services

Aerial Stills/Video Clips

3D Virtual Tours

Virtual Staging 

Advanced Editing 

An additional editing fee is charged for extra, time-consuming editing tasks such as object removal.  Accurate representation of the property is the listing agent’s legal responsibility.   All requests must be documented in writing by the listing agent.  

Here is a general outline of some guidelines:

Listing agents  have a legal responsibility to not “materially misrepresent” a property.  Modifying or removing temporary objects like garbage cans, cars, overcast skies is customary and generally not considered materially misrepresenting the property.

Removing permanent objects like power lines, telephone poles, and neighboring homes are customarily considered materially misrepresenting the property because they hide undesirable permanent property features.

Landscaping seems to be an area where not everyone agrees. Landscaping seems to be in between permanent and temporary. Many people believe that fixing defects in the grass or landscaping is OK whereas others believe it is not OK. 

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