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Schedule a Shoot

Please review my pricing and Photography Terms of Agreement prior to scheduling a shoot.    Clicking the "Complete Appointment" button is an indication of understanding and agreement to the terms and conditions of my Photography Agreement.

Select the photo package that is closest to the number of photos requested based on pricing and/or the size of the home OR selects the package that allows the photographer to determine how many photos are needed to best represent the home.   Once a photo package is selected and the job is complete, photos cannot be eliminated from an image package.  

The expectation is that the property will be photo-ready when I arrive for the shoot. Preparation resources are available on the PREP & PLANNING page. If you would prefer, I can email your client directly with preparation resources and instructions. Please supply the information if you prefer this option.

A preview page with watermarked proof images will be available for preview/approval within 24-36 hours of the scheduled shoot.  Real Estate clients are not charged unless the job is complete and approved. Photos are inaccessible until approved and/or paid.

For Sale By Owner Clients
Non-realtor sellers will be invoiced and must pay prior to the shoot.   Proofs will be available for approval and a partial refund will be made if not completely satisfied.  There is a $50 nonrefundable shoot fee.  Zillow video fee and mileage are also nonrefundable.  

Feel free to contact me if an alternative time/date is needed. I will try to accommodate if possible.

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