Staging Tips - Better Home Photos

A great realtor will hire a professional real estate photographer to photograph your home!  Don't be the victim of a drive-by real estate shooting!  


The expectation is that a home will be photo-ready for the scheduled shoot.   

*Preparation Checklist (PDF) 
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Creating high-quality imagery is a team effort. The listing agent and the homeowners must be involved in the process. The home needs to be clean and decluttered though not necessarily ‘sterile.’   

The expectation is that a home will be photo-ready at the scheduled time.  Depending on the size and complexity of the home and property, the shooting phase of the real estate photography process can take anywhere between one to three hours.  For scheduling and liability purposes, most photographers, including myself,  will only do very minimal staging to help the composition of a shot.  This may include the moving of pillows, adjustment of chairs, lights, blinds, drapes or centerpieces.  Cleaning and/or rearranging furniture or personal items are not within the Photographer’s scope.

Vehicles - Remove all vehicles from the driveway/property.  

Trash cans and debris in front of the home will not make it attractive in photographs. Contractor Schedules Confirm that all contracted work is completed prior to shooting schedule - gardeners, cleaning services, staging, etc.  

Boost Your Home's Selling Price With These Home Improvement Tips

Home Selling Tips

Curb Appeal

Declutter / Depersonalize


The exterior shot will be the one that either entices or discourages  potential buyers to take the time to view and consider a home.  

Check the forecast ahead of time and give the photographer as much notice as possible if you and or your sellers want to reschedule.  

The Home and the Sun: 
It is important to remember which direction your home faces the sun so that the photographer can get the best photographs!

Home faces north – Morning is best for north facing homes because the front of the home is covered in shadows most of the day.

Home faces south – The front exterior should have good sunlight for most of the day if the home faces south.

Home faces east – East facing homes are better in the morning or early afternoon while the sun is on the front side of the home.

Home faces west – West facing homes are better in the early afternoon once the sun reaches the front side of the home.

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