The home must be photo-ready. I will not touch or move any furnishings or personal items. I will wear a mask and gloves while photographing the home.

Sellers MUST be completely out of the house at 1 hour prior to shoot appointment time. All pets must be either removed from the premises or secured in a garage or room that will not be photographed.

Depending on the size of the home, a shoot can take up to 2 hours.


The expectation is that a home will be photo-ready for the scheduled shoot.  Creating high-quality imagery is a team effort. The listing agent and the homeowners must be involved in the process. The home needs to be clean and de-cluttered though not necessarily ‘sterile.’   

Please contain pets in the garage or out of sight as I normally do not photograph the garage.  It is a good idea to hide anything animal-related – litter boxes, dog beds, toys, food bowls, etc

*Preparation Checklist (PDF) 
Click to download - link & document will open in a new tab.

Depending on the size and complexity of the home and property, the shooting phase can take one to three hours.  

For scheduling and liability purposes, I will only do very minimal staging to help the composition of a shot.  This may include the moving of pillows, adjustment of chairs, lights  or centerpieces. Cleaning and/or rearranging furniture or personal items are not within the Photographer’s scope.  

Vehicles - Remove all vehicles from the driveway/property.  

Trash cans and debris in front of the home will not make it attractive in photographs. Please confirm that all contracted work is completed prior to shooting schedule - contractors, gardeners, cleaning services, staging, etc.  

I love my dogs but from experience I have found that pets roaming around can complicate a shoot.               

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