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All image shoots are delivered within 24 - 36 hours - NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Please contact me for a price quote for commercial property.   

Prices are subject to change.  Advance notice will be given to all existing clients via text and email.  

Photo editing will be done for enhancement, not misrepresentation. 

A price will be quoted for additional advanced editing requests - such as object removal, grass enhancement (not replacement or creation).  Please refer to the CODE OF ETHICS before making a request.  

Square footage is just one factor that  influences the number of images required to adequately represent a home.  Location and unique attributes must also be considered. 

All photo packages include the use of an ultra wide-angle lens: capturing up to 5x's more interior space than a conventional lens. Photos are professionally edited using the most advanced, up-to-date software to produce authentic, high quality, natural looking interior and exterior images.  The editing process requires 24-36 hours after the shoot.   Images are accessible for 30-days from the date of delivery.  

Invoicing and image delivery are coordinated between this site and my payment system,  Images are released automatically to clients who securely save their credit card online via or pay in advance with cash or check.  For all other credit card clients, images are released upon receipt of the paid invoice.   Square Security Information.  

The Copyright for all photographs taken during the photographic shoot remain with Better Debra Resch Photography / Better Home Photos and are protected under US Copyright law.  Copyright is not transferable. If you are a realtor booking for a sale or rental and the owner, builder, architect, designer, etc. requests use of the photos to advertise, they must contact me to purchase license rights.


MILEAGE FEE  (as of August 1, 2018)
There is an additional mileage fee for distances exceeding 25 miles at a rate of  $1 per mile to/from the property from my location in West Creek (MapQuest documented) along with a 25-image package minimum


All fees are spelled out in my contract.  If I travel to the property and the shoot is canceled or the property is not ready to photograph, the fee will be $50 for under 26 miles.  $75 for 26 - 40 miles.  $100 for over 40 miles.                     

Booking Procedure

1  Call, text or email me to schedule a shoot.  Include complete address, home square footage and requested date and time.  Please include any special requests including a preferred image package if applicable.     

2.  You will receive an email confirmation/contract with specific shoot ,  service, delivery, payment, and licensing details along with a staging checklist to share with your client.   The checklist along with other staging resources are available on my Prep & Planning Page.

3.  The expectation is that the home will be photo ready at the time of the scheduled shoot. Cleaning, staging and/or moving furniture or personal items is not within the Photographer’s scope of work.  Please provide the homeowner's name and email address if you would like me to communicate with them directly regarding home preparation for the shoot.    

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