Real Estate Pricing. - Call for a quote

Drone images are available at an additional cost.  A minimum drone package of up to 10  images - $85.

Please contact me for pricing on commercial properties, including short term vacation rentals.  Professional photos provide tremendous media value for commercial and short term vacation rental properties.  

Video details and pricing available HERE

Photo editing will be done for enhancement, not misrepresentation. 

A price will be quoted for additional advanced editing requests - such as object removal, grass enhancement (not replacement or creation).  Please refer to the CODE OF ETHICS before making a request.  

Invoicing and image delivery are coordinated between this site and my payment system,  Images are released automatically to clients who securely save their credit card online via   For all other credit card clients, images are released upon receipt of the paid invoice.   Square Security Information.  All additional fees are detailed in the Photography Agreement & License - Terms & Conditions.  

Services to Make Your Listing Stand Out

A video walkthrough, floor plan, and/or 3D tour are additional add - on options. These options offer a unique insight into a home's special feature es and layout by showing how rooms connect. Check out the SERVICES page for samples and option details.  Add - on option pricing - only available with a photoshoot. 

Zillow Virtual 3D Tours will elevate your listings when a search is done in Zillow or Trulia.  Even a one or two-room scan will elevate a listing on Zillow and Trulia.  3D Options

Floor Plan – Pricing starts at $60 for a one-story under 2500 square feet. Price includes an unfinished basement.  $15 for each additional story – including the finished basement. All floor plan orders require a $35 deposit.

Walkthrough Video - Zillow, YouTube, etc. . . 
Video, select photos, music, text labeling  - property address & agent information.  Pricing starts at $75 for properties  2500 square feet and under.  $25 for each additional 500 square feet. 

MISC . . .

Travel surcharges may apply. Fees will be quoted at the time of booking.

A cancellation fee will be charged if I travel to a property that is not ready to photograph - $50 within 25 miles  - $75 over 25 miles

MLS – Due to MLS policy, I cannot perform MLS uploads.



Scheduling a real estate photography shoot indicates that you have  reviewed, agree and accept  TERMS & CONDITIONS detailed in the Photography Agreement & License.  

Understanding Photo Ownership and Copyright

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