Real Estate Photography

There is one chance to impress – a scant two seconds to grab a buyer’s attention without a photograph and 20 seconds with one according to Wall Street Journal Article "20 Seconds for Love at First Sight." The article details how researchers used eye tracking to determine how people view a listing on online, concluding that home buyers spend about 60% of their time on photos.

HDR images are created by taking multiple photos of the same scene at different settings. These photos are combined in post-processing. A more balanced exposure throughout the scene results when the process is properly implemented. Excessive HDR processing can result in an image that misrepresents the property. This type of hyper-realism is acceptable in the art world but inappropriate for real estate photography.


iPhone listing photos or those taken with a point-and-shoot camera are incapable of making optimum use of those valuable seconds. I love iPhonography! I have even created and presented several workshops on the subject. It is great to have a camera in your pocket that you have with you all the time and can use spontaneously without planning.

An agent who uses high-quality photography establishes themselves as someone who truly cares about their client and the marketing of their home.   The positive results and brand image that an agent achieves for themselves when using a professional photographer is one that potential clients will find appealing and unique!   Telling a client that you will work for them is easy, but showing them by investing your own time and money is without a doubt the most tangible evidence of high-quality service and integrity.


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