Understanding Photo Ownership & Copyright - Better Home Photos

For all photos delivered to the client for real estate sales, the copyright belongs to Debra Resch, the photographer, and licensed to be used by the realtor / agent / client  for the purpose of advertising and marketing the property during the specified listing period. This license is not transferrable to any other agent or person(s) or entity.

Any usage or possession by a third party is prohibited unless approved in writing by the photographer and may be subject to additional fees (or fines if done without permission). This includes but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers.  Photos may not be edited by anyone other than the photographer or editor designated by the photographer.

Please contact Debra Resch  to request additional release for additional uses.  Images may not be made available to another agent who takes over an expired or withdrawn listing.

Agents may not share images with homeowners without permission from the   photographer. ‚Äč

Photo Credit is to be given to Debra Resch, betterhomephotos.com, when a photo is displayed in print or social media.  

For most real estate photography transactions, temporary licensing is the industry standard.   Images are not sold, they are licensed for the duration of the listing with the purchasing agent.  This allows for a lower price point since usage is temporary compared to other types of photography, such as portraits.  Pricing differs  for real estate photography transactions that require continual usage, such as rentals.  


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